Review of litterature management software for research

There are really two distinct processes

  • highlights=citations, and annotations made on iphone/ipad. Should include tags also. Ultimately it should be possible between reading or listening the pdf, and to writing or saying the annotation (including the ladt sentence as quote, exandable somehow
  • organising the annotations according to tags and moving them around in the emerging structure of the paper/thesis. Combined with an outliner. Should work across pdfs. But making it across pdfs means that the tags added while making the annotations should be global also.

    Annotations not possible on ipad, new verion end 2012 will allow this.

    Has the whole process, well thought out. No version for ipad as of nov 2012. discusses the use of qiqqa, also with iannotate on ipad. Says that qiqqa is the only one that has an annotation report.

    Has the whole process, incl mindaps ased on annoations from pdf

    Full reference mgmt suite. This has an app and versions for mac and win.

    Full reference mgmt suite. Has an app and a version for mac, but none for win

    Enables taking note snippets, sorting them and eventually putting them together in a text document. No tags.

    Overview of apps to make Annotations on the ipad

    Another overview, about ipad apps for pdf annotation

    Another post from Joachim Scholz, comparing sente and papers.

    Professor phd, made by a phd student who uses qiqqa and ipad. Asked him how he integrates the two, and how he tags notes if using another ipad app for that.

    Audio annotation tools

    2 √łnsker: kan gemme hilights og kan lave en annotation report